New in town or back after some time away from Dar? Familiarize yourself with these useful tips and important contacts while in town.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It's after midnight, and my LUKU (prepaid electricity) has cut off. Where can I buy some?

There are 24 LUKU stations but they rarely stay open all night. Most close at 12am and post an ambiguous "No Network" sign. The most reliable way to buy LUKU after hours is using your mobile phone. All mobile networks offer this service . It is also a good idea to keep a spare LUKU voucher handy. They do not expire until they are used.

2. It's late at night, and I've run out of airtime. Where can I get a top up?

Most neighborhood bars sell airtime for as long as they are open.

3. Where can I get food after late night out at the bar?

Most restaurants close at 11am, so the only option for food after midnight is side joints along Kimweri Avenue in Msasani and Haile Selassie Road in Oysterbay.

4. What's playing at the movies?

The movie theatres (Cinemax and Quality Centre) all have facebook pages where they post what's playing. Like their pages and get weekly updates on what's on.

5. I have a family special occasion, where can we go to celebrate?

Family friendly restaurants are plenty depending on what type of cuisine you prefer. Spurs is always a popular choice for families with small kids. Karambezi at Sea Cliff is well qualified to cater for large groups, as well as any of the big hotels (Serena, Hyatt and Double Tree).

6. I have visitors coming in, what is a reasonable nice hotel they can stay?

The Sinza area of Dar is home to safe, reasonable hotels, many of them three star. Check out Double View and Grand Villa. Beach hotels on the outskirts of town such as Whitesands and Kunduchi Beach Hotel also tend to be reasonable compared to city centre chain hotels. Also try out Atlantis Hotel, Colloseum and Coral Beach in the peninsular for business guests.

7. What is a safe area to stay in Dar?

In the last couple years, Dar has become a city that is considered generally not very safe. Oysterbay and Masaki, long considered safe areas, are not as safe anymore, especially after dark. Ada Estate, Msasani, Mikocheni, Upanga and the City Centre are generally safe areas to stay. The rule of not walking after dark alone is applicable to all these areas.

8. How much is a cab to the airport?

Cab fare from the city to the airport should not set you back more than Tshs 30,000. Add an extra Tshs 10,000 to 15,000 for areas outside the city centre. Always negotiate the best price before taking the taxi to avoid wrangling at your destination.

9. Are bajajs safe?

Bajajs are safe depending on the driver you get and how you allow him to drive. Bajaj should be used for short distances, and not as a general means of transportation. Avoid using them late at night, especially on your own.

Important Contacts

Aga Khan Hospital, Ocean Rd; Tel: +255 22 215 0500

IST Clinic, Ruvu St, IST Campus, Masaki; Tel: +255 22 2601307/8

TMJ Hospital, Old Bagamoyo Rd, Mikocheni; Tel +255 22 2775517, +255 22 2771564

Police, Ambulance, Fire 112

TANESCO, Old Bagamoyo Rd, Mikocheni; Tel +255 784 768584, +255 768 85100

DAWASCO, Behind Airtel Building, Kinondoni; Tel +255 22 2110931

KK Security, Old Bagamoyo Rd, +255 22 2774113; +255 659 726317

Knight Support +255 22 2760087/88/89

Ultimate Security +255 22 2667722; +255 713 123911;