Feel the burn..

start or end your day letting our some steam and feeling the burn at one of the many fitness centres around the city. whether its trying out the latest fitness craze or simply relaxing on a yoga mat, we've got the places where you can do it all. enjoy!

Gyms and sports clubs

arena **** $$$

the newest gym to hit dar, it's the city centre's branch of the colloseum brand. swanky and sophisticated, it's where yuppies go to burn and sculpt. located on kivukoni front, near the southern sun hotel.

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azura **** $$

a gym with a view. a stunning view of the ocean. small and intimate, azura has become a popular destination for gym buffs in the mikocheni / mbezi area. yoga classes are offered on tuesday evenings at 6pm and saturday at 2pm.

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bodyline *** $$$

located at mayfair plaza, bodyline, formerly known as fitness one, offers fitness classes, swimming and personal trainers on hand to help you with your exercise routine. popular exercise spot for mikocheni residents.

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colloseum ***** $$$$

dar's first mega gym, colloseum is a mecca to the avid exercise junkie. complete with juice bar, colloseum boasts a square court, spinning room, aerobics studio and swimming pool with dedicated lanes for laps.

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fitness centre ** $$

one of dar's oldest gyms, fitness centre is located in msasani village with a stunning view of the peninsular. popular for the yoga classes on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays, stretch out with the beach beyond. slightly dated, fitness centre needs an upgrade to restore its original glory.

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fitness master **** $$$

tucked away in the residential area of ada estate is the latest additon to the gym craze. boasting modern equipment and fun aerobics and dance classes, is an exciting place to wait out the traffic while burning some calories.

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gymkhana club *** $$$

gymkhana is an all sports round club that has been around for over forty years. featuring squash and tennis courts, modern gymnasium, football and cricket pitches and a nine hole golf course. the club comes complete with an open air restaurant and several bars. host to numerous local tournaments, gymkhana keeps sport very much alive in the city.

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lugalo golf club **** $$$

for the avid golfer, the lugalo golf club is a perfect place to work on your swing. reminiscent of an old colonial style golf club, it is located on the outskirts of dar on a breathtaking expanse of green. open to members only, the club maintains a wonderful atmosphere for golfers and their guests.

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oysterbay *** $$$$

a perfect addition to the budding oysterbay office park, now there's no excuse for you to not hit the gym after work. this small, well equipped gym, offers an opportunity for a quick workout at the end of a busy day.

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nanasi studios *** $$$$

located in an annex overlooking the oysterbay shopping centre courtyard, nanasi offers a variety of exercise classes including martial arts for kids, and yoga and dance classes for adults.


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$ = under tshs 15,000 | $$ = tshs 15,000 - 30,000 | $$$= tshs 30,000 - 45,000 | $$$$= over 45,000


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