Restaurant Review: Thai Kani

This quaint little haunt off Kahama Road in Masaki is a refreshing addition to restaurants catering asian cuisine. Featuring a wide selection of sushi and thai dishes, the menu is slightly overwhelming, though the welcoming staff are versed in its contents and happy to guide you. Open a few months, Thai Kani already has quite a following, with dinner reservations required to secure the desired deck seating. Unlike most asian restaurants, a tempting selection of refreshing palate cleansers and delectable desserts are offered for a perfect ending to your meal.


the alcove, sea cliff hotel **** $$$

tucked in the back of the sprawling sea cliff grounds is the alcove. simply decorated with beautiful art pieces adorning the walls, the menu is extensive featuring indo-chinese selections. the plum fried chicken is a must-try including and spicy prawn curry. the alcove is perfect destination for a business lunch or dinner, or special occasion.

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anghiti, ally hassan mwinyi rd *** $$$

a very popular destination for indian cuisine, anghiti's extensive menu features a festive of indian appetisers, curries and rice dishes. with its large dining hall, corporate functions and family get togethers are well catered for.

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azuma, slipway *** $$$

located at the slipway, one of the first low-key japanese restaurants in dar. offering an impressive selection of sushi, sashimi and tempura dishes, you can be sure of a delightful eating experience at the azuma.

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bbq village, msasani village *** $$

a little gem of a restaurant in the msasani area, popular amongst families and large groups. as the name suggest, the restaurant specializes in bbq dishes, though the curries and other dishes are also featured. the food is exquisite, chicken sekela a must try dish. you'd be hard pressed to find bbq village empty on any given evening.

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hong kong, bibi titi road *** $$

one of the oldest establishments catering in chinese food, this restaurant is a long time favorite . located in the heart of the city centre, this restaurant is perfect for lunch and dinner, eat in or takeaway.

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istana, ally hassan rd ** $$

a modest indian restaurant located on the bustling ally hassan mwinyi road. popular for wedding parties, istana's cuisine is unparallel, providing affordable asian cuisine in the kijitonyama area.

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ming dynasty, namanga shopping centre *** $$

a modest eatery tucked away in the bustling namanga area. arguably one of the best chinese food around, you can't go wrong with this choice.

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nawabi khana, ally hassan mwinyi rd *** $$$

a new addition to the indian cuisine scene, is nawabi khana conveniently located on the popular haile selassie strip in oysterbay bay. a spacious, richly decorated dining area provides the setting for this opulent restaurant. the food is exceptional, living up to expectations.

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oriental, kilimanjaro hyatt hotel, kivukoni front **** $$$$

an exquisite, upscale asian restaurant featuring chinese and japanese cuisine. a sushi bar adjoins the main restaurant on the first floor of the hyatt kilimanjaro hotel. open for both lunch and dinner, the oriental is favoured by diners preferring a quiet, intimate setting.

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osaka, chaza lane off toure drive, oysterbay **** $$$

tucked away in the residential area of oysterbay, osaka is a very popular destination for those in search of an entertaining asian dining experience. a highlight of osaka are the tables that feature a cooking station for chefs who prepare food theatrically before your eyes.

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patel club, mkataba street, upanga ***$$

imagine being invited to an exclusive party that noone else knows about. that's the feeling you get when you arrive at the patel club. a hidden gem in the heart of the city featuring authentic, tasty, indian cuisine in an unassuming setting.

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sala thai, oysterbay shopping centre, msasani rd *** $

a small, unassuming, no frills thai bistro providing fast, tasty thai food. with two locations on either side of the french school, sala thai's simple menu features authentic thai food that is quick and easy to serve but still manages to pack a punch.

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tangren, off morocco junction *** $$$

since opening its doors, tangren has boasted a delightful selection of chinese cuisine. hidden in the quiet streets of ada estate, an unforgettable dining experience awaits you at the tangren.

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thai kani, off kahama rd, masaki *** $$$

featuring sushi and thai dishes, thai kani already has quite a following, with dinner reservations required for the popular deck seating. refreshing palate cleansers and delectable desserts are offered for a perfect ending to your meal.

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$ = under tshs 15,000 | $$ = tshs 15,000 - 30,000 | $$$= tshs 30,000 - 45,000 | $$$$= over 45,000


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