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Dar has an exciting and vibrant nightlife that can be daunting to navigate if you don't know where to go. With so many places that are abuzz when the sun goes down, you are spoilt for choice. Rouge brings you another edition of Urban Village Retro Friday with urban beats from the 70s to the 2000s. New Maisha Club hosts "Lovers and Friends" courtesy of East African Radio. Saturday night, witness the battle of the DJs at Thai Village in Masaki from 10pm while you dance the night away.

Night clubs

327, garden rd, mikocheni *** $$$

dar's newest night club opens in the mikocheni strip. two floors of dancing space, complete with VIP rooms appropriately named after exclusive drink brands. this is the dancer's nightclub. no posing, just good music and a lot of dancing.

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bilicanas, mkwepu/makungaya st, city centre ** $$$

dar's first and oldest nightclub, bilicanas is a sprawling clubbing space located in the city centre. popular amongst the local dar residents, it guarantees a great dancing experience any night of the week.

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mediterraneo, kawe beach *** $$$

every third saturday of the month mediterraneo hosts its famous dance party by the pool. attended by hundreds from far and wide, it is an event that many look forward to, as hard core clubbers dance from night into morning.

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new maisha club haile selassie rd ** $$

oysterbay's nightclub, maisha is a busy clubbing spot for the young, local crowd. good music and affordable drinks, many partygoers end up spilling out of the nightclub in the wee hours of the morning.

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rouge, kivukoni front **** $$$$

dar's newest nightclub, located at the back of the kilimanjaro hyatt, rouge features two levels of rather modest space. the bottom houses the dance floor and bar, while the top features private seating areas and VIP rooms. playing different genres of music each night, there is something for everyone..with a loaded wallet.

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runway, shoppers plaza mikocheni *** $$$

before rouge and 327, runway was dar's modern nightclub. still popular, though more to the younger / student crowd, runway churns out the latest hits in its oasis of white, clean and classic decor. drinks a little bit pricey, but a great time is always guaranteed.

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$ = under tshs 15,000 | $$ = tshs 15,000 - 30,000 | $$$= tshs 30,000 - 45,000 | $$$$= over 45,000


  • Bars Includes pubs, outdoor bars and sports bars in and around the city.
  • Casinos Established venues for gambling featuring slots and tables.
  • Lounges Indoor or outdoor establishments offering alcoholic drinks and light snacks, featuring music.
  • Night Clubs Entertainment venues featuring a dance floor and DJ that operate late into the night.

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